Morningside Training Farm

Premier Young Rider Training Farm


Morningside Training Farm is a world-class training facility and a development program that produces top 3-day Eventing students at all levels. In addition, we host clinics and bi-monthly schooling shows for horse and rider development. Morningside is a recognized USEF elite training center.


Schooling Schedule
XC Schooling OnlyReserve
XC and Arena (open)Reserve
Sunday & Monday
Closed on Saturday
Show Schedule and Results


Morningside Eventing has a training philosophy built upon passion, dedication and development. As riders and individuals, we are passionate about pursuing our goals, both competitively and personally. We are dedicated to our horses’ well-being, to conservative classical training principles, and to each other as a team. This has resulted in Morningside being one of the most consistent programs in the country. We have topped the national leaderboard for professionals, adult amateurs, young riders, and horses.

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Morningside Training farm is beautifully located in the rolling hills of The Plains Va. Morningside is a 125 acre premier young rider training facility, specifically for 3-day eventing. Our facility hosts the Morningside Eventing team, offers over 18 schooling shows annually and is open for schooling days 6 days a week.

Skyeler Voss

Training Manager

Morningside Eventing

Erin Murphy

Assistant Trainer

Morningside Eventing


Cali Johnson

Facilities and Event Manager

Morningside Eventing