Ride Times – July 29 Show

Show Jump Times:

Course Walk Jump
 Intro 7:30 8:15 – 8:45
 Baby Novice 8:45 9:00 – 10:15
 Beginner Novice 10:15 10:30 – 11:45
 Novice 11:45 12:00 – 2:30
 Training 2:30 2:45 – 4:00
 Prelim 4:00 4:15 – 6:30
 Intermediate 6:00 6:45
 Advanced 6:45 7 – 7:30

Dressage Times:

Times July 29

Time Rider Horse Test
8:00 Katelynn Basala Apple Jack Whos Your Daddy USDF Intro A
8:08 Alice Johnson Mocha BN A
8:14 Lucille XXXXX Valentino BN A
8:20 Gail Keys Castle Rock BN A
8:26 Erin Freedman Dash BN A
8:32 Cole Ganow Classy Going BN A
8:38 Tiffany Catledge Western Dynamo BN A
8:44 Cole Ganow Classy Going BN A
8:50 Kathy Eichhorn Rare Gem BN A
8:56 Eric Jacquay Melody BN A
9:02 Caroline Rice Ianto BN A
9:08 Emily Steiner Caruso BN A
9:14 Courtney Detore Riverkeeper BN A
9:20 Ceci Vollbrecht Candy Dots BN A
9:26 Karen Basala Memory Knolls Zamaroo BN A
9:32 Martha Wunder Commendable Casey BN A
9:38 Erin Freedman Hippie Joe BN A
9:44 Eric Kramer Selebration BN A
10:00 Debby Brink Remember When BN B
10:05 Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch Harbour the Truth BN A
10:11 Alice Johnson Pharvin BN A
10:17 Sophie Kochmann La Dee Dah BN A
10:23 Lisa Landis Don’t Give Up the Ship BN A
10:29 Melinda Rozga Matrix BN A
10:35 Penny Neault Viessa BN A
10:41 Sarah Graham Bradley BN A
10:47 Christy Price Bon Jovi BN A
10:53 Tiffany Catledge Sawyer BN A
10:59 Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch Cricket Song BN A
11:05 Jeanne Lindamood Change of Fortune BN A
11:11 Stephanie Rhodes-Bosche Cricket Song BN A
11:45 Nina Fout Distant Strike N A
11:53 Beth Fout High Action N A
11:59 Laura Fields Make Believe N A
12:07 Barbara Culbert Noble Triton N A
12:15 Helen Lafitte The Warling N A
12:23 Nina Fout Royal Bentham N A
12:31 Jamie Lindamood Copper N A
12:39 Natalie Forbes Harbor Night N A
12:47 Elisabeth Riegal Northern Exposure N A
12:55 Kelli Temple Scirocco N A
1:03 Julie Miller Oarsman N A
1:15 Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch Seahawk N B
1:23 Lauren Kieffer Landmark’s Monaco N B
1:31 Sharon Odenkirk Pocomoonshine N B
1:39 Elina Theriault High Definition N B
1:47 Andrew Chippendale Zignal N B
1:55 Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch True Bellamy N B
2:05 Christy Price Veronika T B
2:13 Helen Lafitte Lady Godiva T A
2:21 Julie Miller Oarsman T A
2:29 Kelli Temple Chesney T A
2:37 Kurt Martin Delux Z T A
2:45 Dornin North Road to the Classic T A
2:53 Amanda Tamminga Code Name Toby T A
3:01 Erin Murphy Finest Hour T A
3:09 Colin Fraser Natasha T A
3:20 Sarah Delaney Johnny Bravo T B
3:28 Christy Price Andor T B
3:58 Skyeler Voss Accolade P A
4:06 Nina Fout Walkabout P A
4:14 Stephanie Davis Tall Chai Latte P A
4:22 Kurt Martin Anna Bella P A
4:30 Kelli Temple Calero P A
4:38 Nancy Wise Blue Devil P A
4:46 Katie Hasse Tigger VIII P A
4:52 Claudia Sarnoff Callan Quinto P A
5:05 Katie Hasse Tigger VIII P B
5:13 Adelaide French Kiltealyman P B
5:21 Lauren Kieffer Landmark’s Monte Carlo P B
5:29 Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch William Don’t Tell P B
5:37 Victoria Jessup Desert Mystery P B
5:45 Jim Moore Jockaloo P B
5:53 Katie Hasse Buster Brown P B
6:10 Kristen Parris No Halo Here I A
6:16 Kristen Parris No Halo Here I A
6:25 Dornin North Jimminy Cricket A A
6:33 Lisa Barry FIS Prince Charming A A
6:40 Colin Fraser Griffin A A
6:46 Lisa Barry FIS Prince Charming A A

Schooling Shows Announced!

Schooling show dates announced for our combined tests! They will be Sunday, July 29; Sunday, August 12; Sunday, September 2; Monday, October 8 (Columbus Day); and Sunday, November 4. Levels are intro (crossrails) through Advanced, all work on excellent footing! Riders have choice of test A or B for the level, and can purchase extra showjump and dressage rides. Link will be posted tomorrow with entry form. Hope you all come out and have fun, we will have ribbons and low score prizes.