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Horses in Training

Morningside Eventing has a wide range of horses, including ponies, off the track Thoroughbreds, and imported Warmbloods. Skyeler has taken all types through the upper levels of eventing, and has a classical approach that suits all breeds. Morningside emphasizes patience with horses in training, and makes sure there is clarity in the riding so that a horse can understand the questions asked.

We are happy to work with young horses, those starting new careers, those needing confidence, older horses that might need some retraining, and horses that need to maintain their current level of work and competition. We offer both full and partial training packages. Our full training package includes six training rides per week, while our partial includes three.

The Morningside Training Farm facility offers a unique opportunity for horses here in training. Our horses are able to be exposed to all scenarios that might be asked of a horse in a competition, including both indoor and outdoor rings, as well as cross country. We can work on “weak” areas any day of the week, as we have all needed training facilities on the grounds. We have show jumps that are decorated the same as real events, and dressage rings with flowers like at competitions. Further, our cross country includes all common “problem” fences: ditches, banks, water, coffins, etc. As a culmination, our schooling shows offer the ability for horses to work in warm up rings and in an environment that is higher stress. Consequently, we can produce a show ready horse that is relaxed and happy to do his job.

Please contact us for more information on availability and to discuss your horse’s needs.
We maintain a course of jumps in the ring all year. The course changes at least every 2 weeks. Ship-in customers are allowed to adjust the jumps as they need but are asked to please put return them to their original places before leaving.

Lessons Program

Head Trainer Skyeler Icke Voss has a positive, conservative and consistent approach to teaching students. She has students that excel at all levels in eventing, as well as many Pony Club clients and dressage riders. Skyeler is available for lessons at Morningside Training Farm, and also coaches at local and international events. At Morningside, Skyeler can teach dressage, show jumping coursework, gridwork, or cross-country any day. This flexibility allows her students to always have the support they need and to improve their skill sets in all phases.

Skyeler and our Assistant Trainer Erin Murphy offer à la carte and package lessons. Please e-mail us for more details, pricing, or reservations. We will customize a program to meet your needs!

Working Students

Morningside Eventing can have 3 working students at a time. Skyeler Icke Voss selects students based of their goals, dedication, and work ethic. Working students are responsible for all stable management and horse care, as well as assisting with riding.

Working students live in a three bedroom apartment on the property. It is a full time position, and we require a one year commitment. Inquire for further details and to see if you would be a good fit.