Ride Times – April 13th


If you just made it in off the wait list, please go to our homepage and click the button in the top right hand corner that says “Pay a Bill” and send us the amount for your entry ($75 CT, $20 jump, $30 dressage). Then, forward the email receipt to Julie at jgm.entries@gmail.com .

Parking will be on the polo field, and food is available all day from our fabulous vendor, Fred’s BBQ. Packets will be available on the polo field and scoring and prizes are in the gazebo on the lake by the showjump ring.

We are expecting good weather and look forward to seeing everyone. Thanks again for coming!


Times Last Name First Name Horse Level Dressage Test


0:07:30 Springer Alison Copycat Chloe DO CIC 3*
0:07:37 Springer Alison Copycat Chloe DO CIC 3*
10 minute ring change


0:07:55 Groux Rosemary Harmony Intro Intro A
0:08:01 Kaye Lynne Serendipity Intro Intro A
0:08:07 Riggleman Amanda Casino Cruise Intro Intro A

Baby Novice

0:08:13 Miller Sharon 211 in Progress Baby BN A
0:08:19 Lynch Penny Keep On Dancing Baby BN A
0:08:25 Young Megan Gideon’s Got it Good Baby BN A
0:08:31 Gnozzio Michelle Mickey Baby BN A
0:08:37 Miller Sharon GRC Integrity baby BN A
0:08:43 Dugas Donna Justin Time Baby BN A

Beginner Novice

0:08:49 Catledge Tiffany Mr Pamuuk BN BN A
0:08:55 Martin Kurt Delinda BN BN A
0:09:01 Bachman Kristin Flagship Andy BN BN A
0:09:07 Cade Paige Pele BN BN A
0:09:13 Thomas Shawn Docs Thunder Touch BN BN A
0:09:19 Moxley Ellen Cooper BN BN A
0:09:25 Springer Alison Azul Moon BN BN A
0:09:31 Hunsberger Melissa Hawker BN BN A
0:09:37 Ryan Linden Allaboutpeaches BN BN A
15 minute break
0:09:58 Catledge Tiffany Sawyer BN BN A
0:10:04 Chadduck Amy Scorpion BN BN A
0:10:10 Cade Paige Jack BN BN A
0:10:16 Springer Alison Maine BN BN A
0:10:22 Simmeth Kate Cattail Run DO BN A
0:10:28 Dicoccio Pam Swan’s Honor DO BN A
0:10:34 Simmeth Kate Cattail Run DO BN A
0:10:40 Rice Carolyn Jayvyn BN BN A
0:10:46 Catledge Tiffany Leica BN BN A
0:10:52 Neault Penny Viessa BN BN B


0:10:58 Abramcheck Carla Swan’s Legacy N N A
0:11:04 Siegel Paul Milestone N N A
0:11:10 Root Cris Hi-Jacked N N A
0:11:16 Meissner Amanda Arista N N A
0:11:22 Myers Margaret Arikara N N A
0:11:28 McSween Hannah Avatar N N A
0:11:34 Gray Katherine Simon’s Song N N A
0:11:40 McSween Hannah Avatar DO N B
0:11:46 Poe Abigail Kiwi N N B
0:11:52 Siegel Sara Pure Possession N N B
0:11:58 Milam Jessica Madison N N B
30 minute lunch break


0:12:34 Keating Jessica Dante T T A
0:12:40 Dillon Dee Ballyadare T T A
0:12:46 Fout Nina Distant Strike T T A
0:12:52 Harter Robyn Valentina T T A
0:12:58 Antenucci Anita JW Farrow T T A
0:13:04 White Anna Ride the Trend T T A
0:13:10 Antenucci Anita JW Farrow DO T A
0:13:16 Drinkwater Lucy ? T T A
0:13:22 Speage Jeff Power Surge T T A
0:13:28 Keating Jessica Paris T T A
0:13:34 Speage Jeff Power Surge DO T B
0:13:40 Miller Sharon Ethan T T B
0:13:46 Gray Katherine Simon’s Song DO T A


0:01:52 Berreth Lindsay Oh So Extreme P P A
0:01:58 Wunder Martha Danny Guiseppe P P A
0:02:04 Kehoe Ashley D.A. Vittoria DO P A
0:02:10 Wunder Martha Danny Guiseppe DO P A
0:02:16 Kelley Lindsay Shenandoah Secret P P A
0:02:22 Kehoe Ashley D.A. Vittoria DO P B
15 minute break – large ring change


0:02:43 Mollett Darrin Dresden Hit DO CIC* B
0:02:49 Martin Kurt Delux Z I I A
0:02:55 Hunsberger Melissa Starstruck DO I A
0:03:01 Adams Katherine Pandora’s First Avatar I FEI 2* B
0:03:07 Jessop Victoria Desert Mystery DO FEI 2star B
0:03:13 Hunsberger Melissa Starstruck DO I B

Dressage Show

0:03:19 Edwards Ally Sweet Valentine USDF Intro A
0:03:26 Baker Amanda Southern Storm USDF Intro B
0:03:33 Edwards Ally Sweet Valentine USDF Intro B
0:03:40 Baker Amanda Southern Storm USDF Intro B
0:03:47 Brannock Sandra River Chestnut USDF Intro B
0:03:54 Callan Mary Automatic Fourth 2
0:04:01 Catledge Tiffany Leica First 1
0:04:08 Hammer Lauren Lilleth USDF Training 1
0:04:15 Vos Patricia Clifton Imperial First 1
0:04:22 Miller Stephanie Petie First 1
0:04:29 Hammer Lauren Lilleth USDF Training 1
0:04:36 Miller Stephanie Petie First 1
0:04:43 Catledge Tiffany Ghranada Second 1
0:04:50 Callan Mary Good Lookin’ Prix St. Georges
0:04:57 Catledge Tiffany Ghranada Second 2
0:05:04 Vos Patricia Scrimshaw First 1