Ride Times – June 8th

Show jump windows:

Intro 9-9:45
Baby 10-10:45
Beg. Nov. 11-11:45
Novice 12-12:45
Training 1-1:45
Prelim 2-2:30
Intermed. 2:45-3:15

You should plan to SJ within the window or no later than 45 minutes after your dressage ride (whichever is sooner). If you only purchased SJ rounds you WILL have a packet to pick up but will NOT have a dressage time assigned below. For division, DS stands for dressage show and DO stands for dressage only (not pinned in dressage show).

Times Last Name First Name Horse Level Dressage Test


09:00 Parker Molly Secret Intro USDF Intro A
09:07 Ross Kimberly Outlaw Intro USDF Intro A
09:14 Groux Rosemary Harmony Intro USDF Intro A
09:21 Musgrave Susan Sam Intro BN A
09:28 Hecker Grace Hans Solo DS USDF Intro A


09:35 Baumgardner Ann Kirkwood’s Donovan Baby BN A
09:42 Efthemes Jessica Artwork Gunnar Baby BN A
09:49 Jaufmann Elizabeth Sinister Urge Baby BN A

Beginner Novice

10:03 Dongilli Christina Jinxster BN BN A
10:10 Ehlers Christine Stonewall Skipper BN BN A
10:17 Groux Margaret My Lucky Cricket BN BN A
10:24 Smith Olivia Cracker Jack BN BN A
10:31 Brumfield Jess Landmark’s Jungle ROC BN BN B
10:45 Johnson Alice Pharvin BN BN B
10:52 Malloy Melinda Unique BN BN A
15 Minute Break


11:15 Baker Ed Parker N N A
11:22 Gannaway Rachel Write On Q N N A
11:29 Lafitte Helen Just a Thought N N A
11:36 Graham Mary Bradley N N B
11:43 Miller Julie Oarsman N N B
11:50 Farah Jessica My Dream Boy N NB
11:57 Bailey Angela Sir W Dudley N N B
12:04 Milligan Michelle Java Chip DS N B


12:11 Speagle Jeffrey Powersurge T T A
12:18 Antenucci Anita JW Farrow T T B
12:25 Kriegel Ashley Vanquish T T B
12:32 Westwater Maggie Lochlan T T B
12:39 Harter Robyn Valentina T T B


12:45 Hunsberger Melissa Qualcat P P A
12:52 Wise Nancy Blue P P B
12:59 Baker Ed Granada P P B
30 Minute Lunch Break

Dressage Show – Small Arena

01:35 Payne Annette A Dashing Dream DS USDF Intro A
01:42 Flanagan Rebekkah Ectabar DS USDF Intro A
01:49 Kenney Kathleen Azul DS USDF Intro A
01:56 Ross Kimberly Henry Avery DS BN A
02:03 Flanagan Rebekkah Ectabar DS BN A
02:10 Ross Kimberly Henry Avery DS BN A
02:17 Payne Annette A Dashing Dream DS BN B
15 Minute Break – Change to Large Arena


02:40 Hunsberger Melissa Starstruck I I A

Dressage Show – Large Arena

02:47 Aldrich Kate Woodrow DS Third 3