Ride Times – May 5th

Show jump windows:

Intro 8-8:45
Baby 9-9:30
Beginner Novice 9:40-11:20
Novice 11:30-12:30
Training 12:40-1:50
Prelim 2:00 – 2:45
Intermediate 2:55-3:10
Advanced 3:20-3:40

You should plan to SJ within the window or no later than 45 minutes after your dressage ride (whichever is sooner).

If you only purchased SJ rounds you WILL have a packet to pick up but will NOT have a dressage time assigne below.

For division, DS stands for dressage show and DO stands for dressage only (not pinned in dressage show).

Time Last Name First Name Horse Division Dressage Test


08:00 Moussafir Zineb Belle’s Sweet Dream Intro BN A
08:06 Davenport Karen Bomber Intro BN A
08:12 Rollins Carla Gunnar Intro BN A
08:18 Flanagan Rebekkah Shot in the Dark Intro USDF Intro A
08:24 Kenney Kathleen Azul DS USDF Intro A
08:30 Holloway Devon Jack DS USDF Intro A
08:36 Kenney Kathleen Azul DS USDF Intro B


08:42 Bennett Laura Chance Baby BN A
08:48 Payne Annette Tasmine Baby BN A
08:54 Meyer Christine Lacey Baby BN A
09:00 Owens Wendy Landrada Baby BN A
09:06 Smith Olivia Rikki Baby BN A

Beginner Novice

09:12 Foley Shea Fancy Me So BN BN A
09:18 Fox Karen Lord Willing BN BN A
09:24 Francis Sarah Been There Done That BN BN A
09:30 Gnozzio Michelle Mickey BN BN A
09:36 Hammer Lauren Skipper De Do BN BN A
09:42 Hostetter Sabrina Rodeio’s Reflection BN BN A
09:48 Miller Sharon Twoey BN BN A
09:54 Pitcher Samantha Waffles a la Dim BN BN A
15 minute break
10:15 White Kathy Narcos BN BN A
10:21 Simmeth Kate Cattail Run DO BN A
10:27 Musgrave Susan Sam DO BN B
10:33 Simmeth Kate Cattail Run DO BN B
10:39 Mendell Lisa Teslin Bay BN BN B


10:45 Fout Beth Dark Equation N N A
10:51 Davenport Karen Allie N N A
10:57 Dodson Cinde Digging For A Halo N N A
11:03 Murray Leigh Canadian Sunset N N A
11:09 Rochester Catherine Gretel’s Star N N A
11:15 Zollweg Hannah Rochester N N A
11:21 Farah Jessica My Dream Boy N N B
11:27 Buckhout Lauren Royal Estate N N B
11:33 Passino Crystal Passing Lane N N B
11:39 Theriault Alina High Definition N N B
11:45 Wade A. B. Just Like Magic N N B
11:51 Widdifield Leah Systematic Dan N N B
11:57 Fout Beth High Action N N A


12:03 Fout Nina Distant Strike T T A
12:09 Kelley Lindsay Try This T T A
30 minute lunch break
12:45 Miller Julie Oarsman T T B
12:51 Odenkirk Sharon ? T T B
12:57 Rochester Catherine Gretel’s Star T T B
13:03 Fout Nina Veritable T T A
13:09 Kelley Lindsay Fu San T T A


13:15 Carson Erika Celtic Prince P P B
13:21 Mollet Darin Beverly’s Gamble P P A
13:27 Simmons Jennifer Sportsfield Candy DO P A
13:33 Dilley Malcolm Lorrie P P A
13:39 Murphy Erin Finest Hour DO P B
13:45 Mendell Lisa Hokus Pocus P P B
13:51 Murphy Erin Finest Hour DO P B
13:57 Carson Erika V.E. Finnegan P P B
15 minute break – change to large ring
02:20 Vos Patricia Clifton Imperial DS First 2


02:27 Fout Nina Walkabout I I B


02:34 Calder Caitlin Jolliyat A ***A
02:41 Ross Dawn Cosmic Dreamer DS Training A
02:48 Simmons Jennifer GV Tuscany DO CIC**
02:55 Ross Dawn Cosmic Dreamer DS Training B
03:02 Vos Patricia Scrimshaw DS First 2