Ride Times – November 25 Show

DO means dressage only ride.

If you are in the combined test, plan to showjump 40 minutes after your dressage time. We welcome early sj rounds once the course is changed, but you must have showjumped no later than 40 minutes post-dressage.

Dressage Times:

Times November 25

Dressage Time Rider Horse Test


  08:00 Pamela Wilson Sweet Sudden Storm Intro BN A
  08:06 Jessica Aydelotte Godiva Intro USDF Intro A
  08:12 Madison Bacino Kodak Moment Intro USDF Intro A
  08:18 Kay Brady Quick Little Jaguar Intro USDF Intro A
  08:24 Sofie Harangoza Chantilly Lace Intro USDF Intro A
  08:30 Allyson Anderson Magic Orion DO USDF Intro A
  08:36 Sabrina Hundley Big Daug Intro USDF Intro A
  08:42 Allyson Anderson Magic Orion DO USDF Intro A

 Baby Novice

  08:48 Lemons Bacino Cosmopolitan Baby Nov BN A
  08:54 Carla Rollins Artwork Baby Nov BN A
  09:00 Mackenzie Krol Fresh Raleigh Baby Nov BN A
  09:06 Maggie McNamara Virignia is for Lovers Baby Nov BN A
  09:12 Joy Ditto Virignia is for Lovers DO BN A
  09:18 Lauren Hammer Skipper Baby Nov BN A
  09:24 Nicole Doering Henry Baby Nov BN B
  09:30 Helen Hayn Ironwood Erik Aleksander Baby Nov BN B

 15 minute break

 Beginner Novice

  09:50 Kathy Eichhorn Rare Gem Beg Nov BN A
  09:56 Megan McGee Whisper in the Wind Beg Nov BN A
  10:02 Samantha Pitcher Waffles Beg Nov BN A
  10:08 Sabina Christensen Peppy Zan Man Beg Nov BN A
  10:14 Jennifer Cook Our Trick Beg Nov BN A
  10:20 Debbie Brink Remember When Beg Nov BN B
  10:26 Carolyn Rice Ianto Beg Nov BN B
  10:32 Joanne Gelarden Las Caux Beg Nov BN B
  10:38 Helen Hayn Leica Beg Nov BN B
  10:44 Arianna Freeman Painted Rock Beg Nov BN B


  10:50 Cinde Dodson Digging for a Halo Nov N A
  10:56 Jodi McGee Havanna Nov N A
  11:02 Amy Best Parsons Surprise Nov N A
  11:08 Katherine Pitcher Scotch Nov N A
  11:14 Allison Smith Revelation Nov N A
  11:20 Anne-Berry Wade Just Like Magic Nov N A
  11:26 Amanda Moses Connairsconnection Nov N B
  11:32 Annette Payne O’Henry Nov N B
  11:38 Barbara Culbert Noble Triton Nov N B
  11:44 Abby Arft Autumn Nov N B
  11:50 Katherine Lorensen Round the Twist DO N B

 30 minutes lunch


  12:30 Jessica Rich Talkhouse Training T A
  12:36 Madeline Fortin Tappin to the Music Training T B
  12:42 Sara Liesner Osh Kosh Training T B
  12:48 Katherine Lorensen Round the Twist Training T B
  12:54 Jessica Rich Talkhouse DO T B
  13:00 Open


  01:06 Haley Tucker Drifter Prelim P A
  01:12 Susan Southard Tazzmania Prelim P A

 15 minutes – change ring size


  01:30 Jacqueline Larouche The Gingerbread Man Intermediate I B

Dressage only – large ring

  01:36 Erin Isaachsen Gemologist DO USDF 1st 3
  01:42 Claire Rolince Annie Boo DO USDF 1st 1
  01:48 Claire Rolince Annie Boo DO USDF 1st 1
  01:54 Lauren Sprieser Victorious DO Grand Prix
  02:00 Alison Spivey Bellisario DO USDF 3rd 2